Indoor dig or fieldwork activity with Julian Richards

It’s great to go and actually dig on a real site  – get dirty and find stuff (the reason that I went into archaeology in the first place!) but there are other ways of finding out what happens on a dig and how archaeologists use finds to build up a picture of the past. So come along and experience our ‘Indoor Dig‘  – and no, it’s not a box of sand with some finds buried in it! It’s a way of explaining stratigraphy, planning and interpretation  – all the things that archaeologists need to know and understand.  It’s been experienced by over 3000 school kids in Dorset and Wiltshire over the last few year so you could be the first in Somerset to find out how it works. I’ve been digging for over 40 years and teaching (lots with Mick Aston) for about 30 years so I certainly wouldn’t turn up to a MAYA meeting with a box of sand…..Mick would never forgive me….

Hope to see you on the 8th October.

Julian (Richards)

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