Mick Aston’s Young Archaeologists meet in the morning on the first Saturday of each month, usually at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton. The sessions run for approximately 2 hours. Each month we explore the past in exciting new ways including…

Ancient artefacts: How do archaeologists identify finds like pottery and ancient tools and weapons?
Experimental archaeology: Learn about ancient crafts and try your hand at making your own prehistoric artefacts.
Old bones: How can you tell a sheep bone from a cow bone? What can old bones tell you about how people used to live?

Sometimes we also run whole-day events in all sorts of different locations, e.g. visiting and investigating archaeological sites and historic places, trying out traditional crafts and taking part in excavations. Below is a list of our future events:


1st December:  Christmas Party! 



5th January: Medieval Herbs

9th February: Medieval Cooking

2nd March: Planting a Medieval Herb Garden

6th April: Visit to Rusty YAC!

11th May: Avalon Marshes Centre

1st June: Archaeology of the Quantock Hills


2018 Past events:

6th January: Japanese Archaeology

3rd February: Cave art

3rd March: Fieldwork activity day

7th April: Ancient woodland crafts

5th May: Making mosaics

2nd June: Visit to the Brick and Tile Museum

7th July: Saxon re-enactment day

28th July: Council For British Archaeology Fringe Festival at Montacute House

4th August:  Fieldwork activity day

1st September:  Visit to Ipplepen Excavation in Devon

6th October:  Second World War Archaeology

3rd November:  The Archaeology of Archery


Click here to see our past events in 2016 and 2017!